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Traditionally Wood Flooring Style

Our Majestic Collection is a classic style floor, where quality, exclusiveness and sustainability permeates the entire collection. This flooring is manufactured by hand; each product has its own unique and distinct appearance, designed to look and feel like traditional wood flooring, while giving the room a truly timeless and elegant look.

The uniqueness of the flooring, combined with Wood Plus Flooring's one-on-one customer service, ensures your room will be a bespoke creation.

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The vintage floor is smoked, band-sawn, with natural knots that are deep-brushed and sanded, before being naturally oiled to create a very distinct surface. These vintage boards are 18 x 220 cm, to give an expansive uniqueness to any room.

The modern manufacturing techniques used to create these boards, combined with their vintage-era style and elegance, truly makes a floor of excellence.


Majestic Range

The Majestic Plank Collection is a premium range of wideboard wood flooring made from the finest of European Oak. A truly supreme quality range, with optimum stability – particularly suitable for underfloor heating. The Majestic Plank is available in modern colours, from tones of soft modern greys, to old, distressed and vintage finishes.

The boards come in thicknesses of 13 or 21 mm to allow for a flush finish where the flooring meets tiles. They come in widths of 18 to 26 cm and lengths up to 240 cm, allowing the panoramic view of your room to shine out.


Majestic Range

The Majestic XL range is a superbly unique flooring range, characterised by its unique options of surface finishes. Available with cross saw-cut finishes, this lends a truly rustic look, while the smooth finish is perfect for a more contemporary feel.

In addition to these exclusive finishes, the range is available in varying thicknesses, with boards varying in lengths up to 4 metres, and up to 50 cm wide.

Majestic XL boards are hand-made to recreate the atmosphere of a truly bygone age, the feel of palatial residences of yesteryear, or the sleek contemporary feel of the modern era.

Your room stands out when fitted with this range, its signature quality and finish, emphasising great attention to detail and remarkably good taste.

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Majestic Range

Our Majestic Herringbone Range offers something different. With its unique shape and style, Herringbone is assured to offer a truly remarkable feel and finish. Custom-designed and characterised by its unique form, it creates a distinctive look that will be the envy of all visitors who step onto it.

Majestic Herringbone consists of a stably-engineered construction with a real wood wear-layer that gives a lifetime of durability. It is also suitable for installation over underfloor heating.

Size: 120 x 21 x 600 

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